Friday, May 18, 2012

File Hosting service

Well my account has ended today and left me without a file hosting service to use. Although the easy solution to the problem is to simply renew the subscription I had a problem. It's not that I am unhappy with the service, the service is fast and reliable. The problem is that there aren't many people using the service hence there are to little sources to download from. Most of the time even if i had found a source, the file itself would be offline.

In the past I also tried great service like rapidshare and filesonic but I left them both. I left rapidshare after they set a low download limit for each account and filesonic stopped supporting broad audience sharing of uploaded files.

After a quick market survey I looked at three options: FileFactory and turbobit. gives a great service for a fair price. If more people used it I would have probably renewed my subscription.

FileFactory is a well known service with many links supplied. They also offer a free basic account which I am currently checking out. is also a service which is gaining popularity with many links found when searching for a download. There is no free basic account but they offer a very tempting price for subscriptions. A 6 months subscription will cost the same as a 3 months subscription from a competing services. I had to check it out.

File Hosting Service - price comparison

Looks like I did an error when subscribing for turbobit.
It seems that they offer an option to signup for free (no understandable difference than anonymous download though). I haven't seen it at first.
I paid for a 6 month account via paypal and was supposed to receive my user / password by mail.
After not reveiving it I noticed the registration option but still no user / password.
Opened a support call but had no reply for 24h now.
I also tried contacting them through skype but they are offline.

Looks like i might have to open a dispute on the transaction on paypal.

I'll keep you updated.

Update 18/5/12 22:00 :
After 24 hours from sending my support ticket to turbobit,
I received my username / password in the mail.
I immediately started testing download speeds buy looking for files and downloading them.
Tests aren't conclusive yet but it looks like I can only use 70% of bandwidth for turbobit that makes it a bit slower than FileFactory.

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