Tuesday, May 8, 2012

iPad1 vs. iPad2 vs. iPad3

I currently own an old iPad ( iPad1 ) and am addicted to it. I barely need to use my laptop anymore since all my work is devided between the iPad and my Desktop.
Of course the iPad has its problems, is limited and running applications crash now and then but it is a great device that you cant get angry at.
Knowing the limitations of the iPad1, I have been waiting eagerly for the release of the new iPad ( iPad3 ) and the original plan was to imidiatly buy one.
Since the first day reviews weren't as worm as I expected, I decided to wait to play around with one before buying.

Looking at the specifications, the New iPad is extremely superior to the old iPad, smaller in size and in weight, has the new retina display,quad core processor and more memory (1Gb instead of 256 for iPad1 and 512 for iPad2).

When holding it in my hands i was a little disappointed.
It felt just as heavy as the old iPad and the retina display isn't noticeable at first glance since most apps didn't improve their graphics.
The camera is good but I don't really plan on replacing my regular pocket cam.
To top it all off, I don't have 4G network support were I live so that feature is wasted on me.

In conclusion I'm not sure if the new iPad justifies the price.
The way I see it my choices are between waiting for the iPad4 or purchasing a cheaper iPad2. After all the leap in performance and quality from the old iPad to the iPad2 is a large one.

image from: http://financialpostbusiness.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/fp0315-ipad-compare-new.jpg

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