Saturday, June 30, 2012

Export an Excel table as an image

In a previous post "File hosting service" I  wanted to export a simple comparison table I created in Excel as an image to paste into my blog post.
I was surprised that there is no such option since it seems very handy.

Of course I tried google and found a simple idea, copy the table and paste it into a powerpoint presentation.
You can then right click the embeded excel and save it as an image.
Check out the simple tutorial here:

The first thing that got me thinking was why would Microsoft only support the save to image from powerpoint ? If by any chance Microsoft employes working on office read this, please add the save as image feature to the rest of the Office applications.

The second thing that came to mind was, why only powerpoint ?
I tried to paste it on my image viewer that was already open, irfanview and it worked.
(later check with Microsoft Paint and also worked)

Its a cool quick solution for anyone looking to save an excel table (or object) as an image.

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