Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yahoo! Voices accounts hacked

Yahoo! Voices is Yahoo!’s online publishing and Contributor Network.Yahoo-Voices-logo

It seems that the Yahoo! service was vulnerable to a simple database attack that leaked 453,000 unencrypted account passwords online.
The hackers, an unknown crew called D33Ds, claimed they used a union-based SQL injection technique to break into the Yahoo sub domain. They named it as a “Wake-Up call.”

I’m really surprised that why Yahoo! Voices was storing unencrypted passwords in its database unsalted one-way encrypted hashes would have been bad enough. I’m not sure if this Wake-Up call is going to work since a former call was done only last month when LinkedIn unsalted password were leaked too.

A document containing the lifted SQL structures, software variables, usernames and cleartext passwords is published on the hackers website.
The link is:

Statistics on the passwords are already available:

Total entries = 442773
Total unique entries = 342478

Top 10 passwords
123456 = 1666 (0.38%)
password = 780 (0.18%)
welcome = 436 (0.1%)
ninja = 333 (0.08%)
abc123 = 250 (0.06%)
123456789 = 222 (0.05%)
12345678 = 208 (0.05%)
sunshine = 205 (0.05%)
princess = 202 (0.05%)
qwerty = 172 (0.04%)

Top 10 base words
password = 1373 (0.31%)
welcome = 534 (0.12%)
qwerty = 464 (0.1%)
monkey = 430 (0.1%)
jesus = 429 (0.1%)
love = 421 (0.1%)
money = 407 (0.09%)
freedom = 385 (0.09%)
ninja = 380 (0.09%)
writer = 367 (0.08%)
Developers, Please take security seriously.
Everybody, Time to change our passwords.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Antec p182 front port assembly

Two or three years ago I bought an Antec P182 case. I love the case, its extra quiet, loads of space for all my drives and looks great.
The thing is after 2 years of use the USB port on the front panel broke. After checking the issue on google I had to conclude, Antec used cheap parts for the USB port.
Many P182 owners had the same problem.
I also couldn't just jump to an electronics store to replace the USB port, I had to replace the whole front port assembly since all the front ports are molded together.
Looking for replacement parts, it seemed that they were all sold out.
Even Antec support couldn't find one.

Then about 9 months after my correspondence with Antec support I got a mail informing me that they have the part available for purchase (thanks Jie Zhang) and i finally tried to install it this weekend.

When trying to remove the old front port, I couldn't reach the screws.
Now I know my cabeling is awful but it seemed that I was missing something, And yes I removed the case cages.

Luckily  I found this great video showing how to replace the front port assembly, by Puget Systems on YouTube.

Finally my case is as good as new :-)