Monday, October 1, 2012

Asus Galexy Nexus 7

For the past month I've been playing with what became my favorite gadget the Nexus 7.

The first thing you notice about the Nexus 7 is the size of course.
Below are comparison images with the HTC Desire phone, An iPad, and the Nexus 7.
The image on the left also has a standard 15.6" Lenovo laptop.

For me the 7" size was a new concept that took me under 10 minutes to get the hang of and now I simply love it.

I did ask myself. Do we really need a new form factor like the nexus and today I'm ready to say of course we do.
The laptop was used as a living room browser but when I got my first iPad, it quickly became what is was meant to be, a mobile computer for when i go to conferences or make presentations.
I used to then carry my iPad wherever I went since it was much better than my mobile phone for browsing the net when waiting for the doctor or for playing the casual game on the go. But now with the nexus 7, the iPad stays at home. It is still great for browsing the net from the living room instead of opening my laptop but the Nexus 7 is much more mobile and light weight so it replaced the iPad when outside the house.

A while back I reviewed the Motorola Xoom Android tablet and really wasn't very enthusiastic about it for the regular user but the Nexus 7 with the new Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) will fit most users and be great for google users.

The tablet runs smoothly with great performance thanks to its Nvidia quad-core processor.
Now although there are some devices out there with better specs (like the Asus Transformer pad TF700 that I'm dying to get my hands on) the price tag on the Nexus 7 currently pushes it to the top.

Now there are a few disappointments with the Nexus 7. The ones that bothered me the most are that there is only one front facing camera, there is no SD card expansion, no 3G version and the sound levels from the speaker are low.
A friend from Google explained that the decision to go with a limited device was to keep the device costs at a minimum.

Another thing i was disappointed about was the removal of flash support and I really don't understand why there wasn't a pre-installed camera app on the device (I installed "Camera Launcher for Nexus 7").

All things considered this is a great device.

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