Saturday, October 27, 2012

Darknet - Part 1 - What is Darknet ?

For some reason the Darknet has become very popular in the past months. I've been getting a lot of questions at work about it so I decided to create a 2 part starter about the Darknet.

What is Darknet ?

To put it plainly, we're talking about an internet beyond what you normally have access to.
With many different names,  "The darkweb", "invisible web", "dark address space", "the deep web", "beneath the surface web" they all refer to the same thing, beyond the standard, media supported, google, bing and yahoo indexed internet exist a less known, harder to reach section of the internet.

Some estimate that the Dark Web is several orders of magnitude larger than the surface of the Web but I think that we need to differentiate between sections of the internet that are unreachable to most users, like private intranets or clouds and Darknet.

Whats on the Darknet ? Why do we need it ?

The Darknet was made to be anonymous for the user accessing content and the host serving it. Basically you could put any content you like on it, like cnn but why would you ?  You could just go there on the normal internet.
So what can you find on the Darknet ? Porn, Hacked programs, movies, mp3's, Forums, Blogs and more.

Is it legal ?

Yes. The darknet itself and accessing it is legal.
The problem is more what you do with it and some of the content on the Darknet.
The Darknet is a safe haven for pedophiles since they can anonymously post, download and share anything.
There are also sites offering to sell illegal drugs, guns, ammunition and even hits.
Some great forums for "computer security experts" can also be found on the Darknet.
You can basically find anything  you want since you are free to anonymously host and browse the content without having to worry about the local law enforcer since they cant identify the servers or their users.

Why not disable the Darknet ?
Well there are also a few good uses to the Darknet. Imagine a place were one has a complete freedom of speech without having to worry about the oppressing government like in China and Iran. These countries are the ones trying to stop access to the Darknet for fear of uprisings against them.

How do I reach Darknet ?

There is no one Darknet, it an idea. There are a few "Dark" networks out there I'll show you the Tor Project "Dark net" and the I2P2 Network in the following parts.
So check back soon

DarkNet article parts

   Part 1 - What is Darknet ?
   Part 2 - The Tor DarkNet -
    Part 3 - Installing Tor -


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  3. The first time I heard about darknet it scared me as hell. But I thought that it is illegal. But it's not! So stupid. I think it should be banned forever. Because you still can find all the info, aren't you? And it's awful. Better you read to find thing, and not a Dark Net

  4. I did not even know this existed. Thanks for this information. I don't think I'll be visiting anytime soon, but it's good to be informed! Voted up and shared.

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  6. This was such a cool article on he Darknet, amazing! I never knew a lot of it, and it doesn't surprise me to know people are buying passports drugs but hacked Paypal accounts didn't make sense but I guess they're open to many varieties of hacks.
    Pretty crazy place if you ask me, one day I'll venture over to the dark side.
    Joseph Donahue

  7. Fascinating and scary! Thank you for the greatly needed guidance. I'm burning with curiosity but there is really more than I can contend with on the regular internet. The mere possibility of encountering unsavory characters or disturbing images is enough of a deterrent for me.

  8. Seriously,If i can read all your coments and I know shag..all,on how these systems work,then it can't be all that private can it???? Come on guys wheres the real justification for all the big who ha about the so called dark web.
    Kelly Hubbard

  9. This is fascinating. I had only ever heard of the idea of a "darknet" in the broadest terms, so I'm glad to have a firmer grasp on the concept. I am intrigued and quite curious.

    Harold Burton