Thursday, November 8, 2012

DarkNet - Part 3 - Installing Tor on Android

Installing Tor On Android and IOS

DarkNet - Part 3

 Installing Tor On Android

I love my Android devices and they are my constant companions. That is the reason I wanted to setup Tor on the device as well (To be specific, on my nexus 7 :-) )
You basically just need to go to the market and download 2 apps.
Orbot and Orweb.

Orbot: Tor on Android , is part of the Tor project and is the official port of Tor to the Android platform. This will set up the Tor proxy chain for you. All you need to do is press for a few seconds on the big power icon in the center of the screen, until it turns green.

It does include a few settings that you can play with to set it up to work with all your apps and services (via transparent proxy) but you need to have a rooted device with Superuser privileges.

If you don't have root, you'll need to work with Orbot-enabled apps like Firefox or I personally recommend Orweb.

Orweb is a specialized browser to be used with Orbot.
The best thing about it is that it is pre-configured to work with Orbot.
Once Orbot is running all you need to do is run Orweb and you set to venture into the DarkNet.

 Installing Tor On IOS

Now I have to give credit to Apple. They make great stuff and have a lot of great developers supporting them.
One of the developers is Mike Tigas.
Mike developed "Onion Browser" which can be found on iTunes for 0.99$
Whats cool about the app is that it combines both the browser and the Tor network setup so you don't really have to do anything else.

Its really that simple, Check it out.

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  3. Awsome! What a shocking ratio of content vs. the normal Web. It’s like a kind of underground web city, sitting right underneath us the whole time. I’ve been messing about with websites for 4 years now and I admit that I’d never even heard of The Deep Web, let alone how to access it lol It’s like being given a pass key to a brand new adventure via the Web. Anyone adventuring within the Deep Web, let us know what you find . . .
    Jayme Silvestri