Thursday, November 29, 2012

Linksys WAG160N drops connection

The Problem

I own a Linksys WAG160N modem router that I got in Singapore. I really like it since It replaces the need for two separate devices.
For the past couple of months the device used to lose connection every day. Only a restart would reset the device and allow it to make a connection. Yesterday, no matter how many times I restarted the device, I couldn't get it to connect to the internet.

The first problem with the Linksys modem was that looking at the status it seemed that the DSL connection was fine and up.
Linksys WAG160N Status screen

On to checking the log however I saw something different.
Linksys WAG160N Log screen
The Modem would try to connect and loop around "Sending PADI 1... Sending PADI 2... Sending PADI 3... Sending PADI 4... Restart adsl"

I looked around at what the PADI thing was.

PADI stands for PPPoE Active Discovery Initiation and it seems that my Modem cant really initiate.

Trying to fix

When I was checking Google for a solution, I found out that many people have the same problem. Most think the internet provider is at fault but since I hate calling tech support and usually they don't help anyway, I connected a spare modem I own using the same cables.
The new modem worked fine so this leads me to the assumption that my Modem\Router is at fault.

First thing to try is restore to Factory Defaults.
That didn't help at all I received the same results.

Next thing I tried is to upgrade to the latest firmware.
For some reason I've noticed that a lot of people looking to upgrade the firmware, couldn't find the download link, here:
The upgrade itself is pritty simple, just download the file, unzip, go to the Firmware Upgrade screen under Administration, choose the BIN file and click upgrade.

Linksys WAG160N Firmware upgrade screen
I am however sad to say, upgrading the firmware didn't help as well.

Current Solution

I had to go back to my spare Modem in order to get an internet connection however I still need to set up a network for the rest of my devices.
Hoping that the Linksys WAG160N Router part is still operational, I set up one of it's ethernet ports as a WAN port and set it up as a dialer as well.

The lucky part was I got My whole network back up. The downside is that I have two devices to connect instead of one.

Any ideas on how to fix the Linksys WAG160N Modem would be appreciated.


  1. I have the same problem, DSL light comes on, Internet light comes on attempts to connect then the DSL and internet lights drop out and then it reboots.My ISP advised me that they arn't receiving any attempted connections at their end meaning the fault is somewhere between my PC and the exchange. I just went down to the local PC shop and grabbed a TP Link router. Ill let you know how it goes.

    1. Good luck Arik.
      We're waiting to here if the new router fixes you problem.

  2. Had the exact problem and what solved the issue was using manual VPI/VCI settings, in my case 0/100 instead of the default auto detect option 0/38. hope it works for you too. And thanks for the awesome article presentation - Nyams NZ

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