Sunday, January 6, 2013

VTx and VTd on an HP Compaq 8200 elite machine

As I was setting up VMWare on a new system at work, I received an error stating "Virtualized Intel VT-x/EPT is disabled for this ESX VM" which I immediately translated to, I forgot to enable VT in the machines BIOS.

The Machine itself is a nice HP Compaq 8200 elite (fully loaded with graphics and memory).
After a simple restart I waited for the Bios advisory stating which button to press but the OS just booted up.
It seems that HP skipped the detailed boot screen to discourage home users to mess with these setting themselves.
A quick google search returned the solution to just press F10 after restart repeatedly until BIOS screen is received.

The BIOS itself is pretty simple, even too simple.
I have edited many BIOS's but for some reason for the HP compaq 8200 elite, could not find the VT settings.

Searching google again I found a lot of references claiming that if its not found the machine doesn't support VT.
Now This is so FALSE. We spent a lot of money on a machine with an i7 CPU and powerful motherboard just for that reason.
So i continued looking and found the setting.

Usually I don't post about simple Bios settings locations but since there was so much disinformation out there I felt the need to share the simple location.

To Turn on VTx and VTd on an HP Compaq 8200 elite machine,
1. Boot machine
2. Press F10 repeatedly until entering BIOS screen.
3. Go to Security Tab
4. Select "System Security"
5. Set Virtualization Technology (VTx) to enabled
6. Set Virtualization Technology Directed I/O (VTd) to enabled
7. To apply and save changes, select File > Save Changes and Exit.
8. Your done. restart and everything should be fine.

Good Luck.


  1. OMG you saved my live. i'm about to buy all new computer before i found your amazing solution.

    i'm own you big time

  2. Thanks for this. Quickly helped me get vmware workstation working on a 8200 HP Machine.

  3. Valid even now. Worked for me

  4. Found this post just in time. Thanks !!

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  6. yay and thank you much!