Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Microsoft Lync - Change Text Size

Microsoft Lync - Change Text Size

At work we upgraded our messaging app to the new Microsoft Lync.
Lync is great and has some nice features I'm not planning to get into on this post.

I used Lync for a couple of days and the text size started to bother me. Its too small !
At first I assumed that I was the problem and that I simply needed glasses, but after hearing complaints from other users I got the feeling that the Microsoft default text size was simply too small.

Like all the other users I was able to change my own text size but not the other users text.

Looking for a solution I found two simple fixes.

Change Settings

1 - In an active chat window, Press alt.
you should now see the previously missing window menu.
2 - Select  "IM Text Display Size"
3 - Choose the new default text size.

Shortcut Keys

If the settings option wasn't simple enough, Microsoft has a key shortcut for changing text size.
In the chat window,press Ctrl+[ to enlarge the text.
Press Ctrl+] to reduce the text size.


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