Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Google Domains

Google Domains is out of private beta and out for public beta (still invite only). Thanks to my friends in Google, I got an account to play around with.

After a simple Google Log-In, all you need to do to buy a domain is use the search bar on the top of the screen.

The search should produce a list of domain possibility including the one entered and the option to add to cart.

Once added to cart all you really have to do is checkout using your Google wallet.

The purchasing procedure is very simple and much cleaner than other sites (godaddy,name.com,etc) and I do hope that Google will keep it this way.
The simplicity remains in the domain settings too.


The website menu allows you to forward the domain to an existing website domain or IP.
Google also offers you to startup a site with on of their partners.


The Email menu lets you create up to 100 alias email addresses that you can forward other existing email accounts. This is a great free feature but I would have appreciated more an option to create a new Google account for the new domain. Currently one has to manually open a new Gmail account.


The Settings menu let you add or remove Private registration (which is currently free), edit domain contact details, lock or transfer your domain.


The Advanced menu let you edit the name servers and edit domain records.
Google added simple templates for App Engine, Google Apps and subdomain forwarding under the Synthetic records section.


Google domains is extremely simple and easy. It includes most used features that other domain registrars have but doesn't push them as aggressively.
I love the simple and clean interface and playing around with the setting and domain records I noticed that the updates are noticed very fast (longest for me was a minute).
The default domain price is 12$ which is higher than you can find in other sites but Google includes the icann fee and private registration which usually add another 12$ to the price.
I recommend considering to move to Google domains and personally cant wait to see what other features will be coming up.


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